Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.
— Benjamin Spock


Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and enriching parts of life, but it is also very challenging, confusing, and even disheartening at times. There are many helpful and wonderful classes people can take for support when their children are very young, such as, Mommy and Me classes, but as the child gets a bit older, the resources seem to dwindle and parenting support disappears.

Having a few sessions with a professional gives you the chance to tailor your parenting challenges to your individual family, your child's specific needs and your personal value system.  With respect to a person's whole life span, there is such a short time that we have the chance to make a meaningful and long-term impact on our children while they are young and developing.  Children rely on us to teach them the skills and behavior that will turn them into happy, successful, connected people. It's important that we, as the adults, are clear about the messages we are sending our children.

Learn how to set boundaries, to love without indulging, to be connected without living their lives for them, allowing them to make mistakes, and most importantly, to learn how to be different from our own childhood experiences so that children can carve out their own destinies. If you have concerns about sibling issues, behavior concerns, age appropriate behavior, living with a personality challenge, educational differences, or anything else that distracts from the harmony of the family, then it would be a valuable use of your time to get some guidance. As a parent, when you know better, you do better... it's just realizing that a wider breath of information may make the difference between a family just getting by and a family living a full and happy life.

I have loved being a mother, but it sure would have been helpful if there was a guidebook on how to navigate through certain stages in child rearing. This subject is one of my all time favorites because I truly enjoy helping people with concrete problem solving, offering many options for healing uncomfortable situations or managing typical child rearing questions. From sleep training to behavioral concerns, I am able to help parents move through the stages of parenting in an easier way. Now that my children are adults I have a plethora of information about how to handle a multitude of situations that I will gladly and openly share with you! And the added bonus is that our children help us learn about ourselves in ways that help us grow as individuals. I encourage you to embrace this benefit of parenting, it truly allows us to become more evolved versions of ourselves!