It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are
— e.e. cummings

LGBTQ Counseling

Feeling at home in your own body, appreciating who you were born to be, feeling confident about your sexual orientation, and not wanting to feel developmentally different from others is part of what makes up a person’s self esteem. The foundation and self-structure that develops very early in life has something to do with the reflections people see of themselves in the eyes of their loved ones or early caregivers. Additionally, transformative experiences happen that ultimately impact the way people feel about themselves and how they socially journey through life. In order for people to develop a greater sense of self acceptance and emotional resilience there needs to be the proper platform for them to thrive. Therapy can provide powerful healing for people who have struggled with emotional closeness as it’s a safe place to experience total acceptance and self love. 

Love is love. It’s important to love others, but equally important to love yourself. WHO you love is a reflection of your self esteem and how worthy you feel about being in a relationship. Gender is about who you are in your mind and soul, but sexuality is about to whom you are attracted. No matter your preference or your journey, we all need to feel connected and valued for who we are, what we bring to our relationships, and how we want to be perceived in the world.


Transgender is a term that refers to people whose gender identity, gender expression or behavior does not conform to that typically associated with the sex to which they were assigned at birth. Gender identity at birth may or may not be how a person connects with themselves during the course of their lives, and at some point in development or during a defining moment in one’s life, a person may choose to have their external self more accurately mirror their internal identity. A key component to making this time in a person's life more meaningful, respectful, and authentic, is to have the person have a more organic and connected relationship with themselves. Before anyone can enhance relationships with others, it's vitally important that a person be in touch with what speaks to their hearts. Counseling can be a key facilitator in the process. Transgender counseling focuses on helping you be at peace with your whole identity. Whether you are processing reactions from your friends and or family as they respond to your transition, or dealing with the conflicting emotions that the process creates for you, I am here to support you, and to discuss your conflicts and concerns as you move forward.

Many years ago I was exposed to the very beginning stages of a family member’s desire to change from the physical body of a male to the body of a female. I felt honored and grateful that I was able to learn the intimate details of the emotional widening it takes for someone to go through this process.  I am quite clear that the most basic part of this change starts with the relationship the person has with themselves and there is tremendous beauty that comes from being privileged enough to support someone in this process. This experience has helped me thoroughly understand and support the transgender community and their family members.